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The Trew Health® Mission is to prepare clients in the Art Of Achieving Optimal Health through the Trew Health® System.

This system educates and teaches the TREWTH® about the common root cause of all disease and aging, and teaches the way to eliminate this common root cause and prevent its recurrence through fasting and improved diet.

To learn how and why this system works and how to apply it in everyday life, Trew Health® incorporates the use of oral lecture to explain in great detail what the client must become knowledgeable about before they can embark upon our Transitional Diet Program. Transitional Diet means, the slow change from disease producing foods to disease healing foods.

Trew Health's® philosophy:  “The body is to be healed, not the disease.” Disease is an effort by the body to eliminate unwanted foreign matter that has been accumulating through a lifetime of improper diet.

The Trew Health® System affords the body the best way to do this.