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Trew's Story

All disease comes from one COMMON source. Understanding the ONENESS of disease is the basis of curing it.

How did Trew come to this conclusion?

As a young child, Trew was deeply moved by sickness in the world. "Why are people sick?" she wondered.

As a young woman, she was accepted into a prestigious college and was able to get a four year degree in the ORIGIN of chemistry that lead to the understanding that disease is only coming from ONE SOURCE.

Trew was slow to put her knowledge into practice even though she had this knowledge for years. She became unhealthy herself but within a short period of time she was able to heal herself by changing her diet. Knowledge is nothing without practice. You become armed with information that now has to be applied in your everyday life otherwise it is just a thought.

It is truly unnecessary the way sickness is effecting innocent lives when it's so easy to get on and maintain a healthy diet. It can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet and know what foods keep you healthy and which ones make you sick without proper knowledge and instruction guiding you through this process.

Just because you inherited conditions from your parents doesn't mean that's what you'll be like in the future because you can cleanse and regenerate your blood! You can get rid of the foreign elements that you were never meant to have in your body—the material that builds over time until you end up getting sick.

The Trew Health® system is an absolute cure. As long as you're alive, you can acquire optimum health. Within 1 to 3 years you'll have a body that is clean of foreign matter. It will take much less time to cleanse your body and become healthy than the many years it took to put the foreign matter there.


We have to go with the flow to achieve healing. We have to eat what is biologically meant for us to eat. You cannot buy health in a bottle. You get to an unhealthy place for a reason and the way out is to fully understand that reason. Sickness and disease comes from one thing and that one thing is foreign matter inside of your body.

The way to cleanse your body—to get the unnatural stuff out—is by fasting and by eating a natural diet that consists of juices, fibers and nutrients that are perfectly designed by nature for you to eat.

Trew Health's® goal is to educate clients that are searching for the TREWTH® about what makes us sick and what makes us well.

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